Top-5 Tips for New Dota Players

Do you want to play Dota because all your friends have already achieved the high level and boast their great achievements? Don't worry! You will succeed as well if you follow useful Dota tips that will help beginners to raise the level of the game. There is nothing difficult in them but their performance will favorably affect your game. Let's get started!

Useful Tips for Beginners

Before you start placing bets on, have a look at the tips that will help you to enjoy the game and benefit from it.

  • Do not hit creeps through auto-attack. These are the worst actions that you can do on the line. Last hit is very important. This may sound annoying for you but you must attack creeps only when they have a low number of lives, and you must make the last blow to the creep. This way you will gain more experience and gold in the beginning, and this will give an advantage in the final game.

    Just get your creeps out. If you do everything properly, then you can raise the level much faster than the enemy. The same with towers, try to make the last blow to the towers, they are worth it, also finish off your towers.

  • Do not save money on expensive artifacts at the very beginning. This is an unsafe use of your funds. Take early useful artifacts, as this will help kill the character. Buy exclusively individual gain attributes! The recipe is not worth it in the initial purchase. Almost all heroes can buy Quelling Blade, it will help in fighting creeps. And always carry a teleporter!
  • Do not waste mana up to the 3rd level. The damage / mana ratio of the third-level skill is better than the skill of the first level. That is, on the third level you will cause more damage for almost the same amount of mana. In most cases, once you get the third level, you can start fighting.
  • Do not always run from the battle. There are many situations where it will be better for the team if you stay in the fight. It's possible that you are able to kill someone. In about 80% of situations, it is useful to stay and try to resist. Exceptions are, of course, in those cases when you can go far, to restore health and return to the fight. Sometimes, it is more useful to take the whole blow to yourself, so that the opponents spend their key abilities, and your team could easily deal with the enemy.
  • Multitasking - watch other lines. In most public accounts, you do not have a good team reporting about all the missions (the protests of the heroes from the line). Watch out for all the lines and adapt to dangerous situations.

Learn the game using the Dota guide, practice, experiment, never give up and you will succeed!



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