Top-3 Great Erotic Books You'll 100% Enjoy

Erotic novels are books that allow you to better understand yourself and your feelings, kindle a fire in a long stable relationship, and just have a little fun with bright fantasies on a boring Friday evening. We have selected for you the best erotic novels of recent years - most of them are not only about passion but also feelings so that they do not need to be hidden under a pillow or behind a thick cover. Read these erotic books with pride!

“Dirtiest Secret” Julia Kenner

He knows almost everything about her...except the most important. When a successful wealthy man and a young beautiful woman meet at a secular party, it is not surprising that the conversation quickly turns to sex and money. However ... He - Damien Stark - planned this “random” meeting for 6 years. She - Nicky Fairchild - knows that the novel will end as soon as he sees her naked ...

Continue the story in the books "Necessary Sin" and "An hour before dawn."

"Nine and a Half Weeks" Elizabeth McNeill

A cult novel about love, obsession, vicious passion, and submission. After an occasional fatal encounter, the virtuoso seducer draws his beloved into a dangerous and sensual love game, which will force her to abandon her previous life principles and help her discover new facets of forbidden pleasures. How far can she go if she’s ready for anything? Read and check this.

"Fifty Shades" A. L. James

From the early years of E.L. James dreamed of writing stories that would touch the hearts of readers, but for a long time in the first place, she had a family and a career. And then, finally, she plucked up courage, took hold of the pen - and woke up famous. Her first experience, the trilogy "Fifty shades of gray," "Fifty shades darker," "Fifty shades of freedom," produced the effect of an exploding bomb. Today sold 15 million copies, and, of course, this is not the limit. According to Lisa Stern, the founder of, "these books can kindle a fire of love between spouses with great experience. After reading them, you will again feel sexy." The books have been translated into thirty languages, the number of their fans is growing every day, and you can check which effect it will have on you.

Are you looking for a romantic book about love, passion, and sex? Check Libros eróticos románticos and plunge into the world of passion. Anyone will find something interesting for himself or herself in the electronic library.



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