The best Apps for Recognition of Text from Pics for Android and iOS

There are free mobile applications for recognition and translation of text from photos that users like best. Have a look at them because sometimes there is a need to get out the text of a pic converting a picture to text.

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator is a stylishly designed, convenient and functional application capable of accurate and fast translations from 60 national languages. Works online and offline. To use the program offline, the selected language packs will have to be downloaded to the device.

The Microsoft product supports photo translations for all or almost all 60 languages (nothing is said about the restriction). It cannot be argued that their quality is always at their best, but an excerpt of the text in Korean was recognized and translated pretty well, in Chinese - a little worse.

The program can translate inscriptions on images captured on camera and stored in the device's gallery. To translate text from an external picture, touch the button with the camera and point the lens at the area of interest.

Google Translate

Google Translate is perhaps the most famous and popularly favorite automatic translation tool. And the record for the number of language packs supported - there are as many as 103 of them and 59 of them are available offline. Photo translation of texts from images is possible in 39 languages.

The quality of translations by the Google Translat service is taken as the benchmark to which competitors are equal. Many texts processed by him almost do not require manual corrections, but to achieve in this case the absolute ideal, unfortunately, is impossible. By the way, the test fragments in Chinese and Korean, photographed from the laptop screen, were recognized quite correctly. To perform a photo transfer in Google Translat, tap the camera icon and hover the last one over the desired object.


TextGrabber was released from the pen of ABBYY, the leading developer of software in the field of linguistics. Perhaps, as a translator, he loses Google Translate, but in terms of the accuracy of recognition of printed lines in images, he probably has no equal. When the program is connected to the Internet, more than 100 foreign language are available for translation, and offline is 10. Text recognition is carried out in more than 60 languages.

The program recognizes and translates printed inscriptions on images in photo and video mode. The first mode is convenient when the picture is small and fits completely on the screen of a mobile device. The second one is indispensable for recognizing texts on large surfaces, for example, on the pages of books or on a computer monitor.

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