How to Write a Catchy Article for a Blog: 5 Rules to Follow

Today, everyone says that the main thing when writing any type of text is to come up with a convincing and "catchy" headline. You will easily find the cheap essay writing service with experts being able to help. There is also enough information on the rules for creating headers on the Internet. Your task is to keep a person, to get him/her to read the article to the end!

5 Effective Ways to Write an Eye-Catching Introduction

Check the ways to write a catchy introduction and immediately implement them:

  • All ingenious is simple. Keep this in mind when writing! The modern world is a crazy stream of information, a frantic rhythm, and a constant lack of time. People simply cannot read every article that they see. Take into account that usually, people look through the article, highlight the key moments and move forward. That is, the simpler and easier you write, the better the introduction will be.
  • Want to be popular - learn to surprise! You have probably heard the phrase "catch", "grab the attention of the reader" more than once. But what really grabs someone's attention? We can think about many things, but they are unlikely to be suitable for introduction. It all boils down to the fact that you need to say something unusual. It may be even an unexpected, shocking, provocative fact, perhaps, even something strange. Believe, it works!
  • Repetition - the mother of boredom. The visitor of the site has already read the title of the article, why should he/she re-read the same thing again? Instead of wasting the reader's time in vain, take the chance and "hook" his/her attention with an interesting phrase, the disclosure of the problem.
  • Brevity is the sister of talent. There is no consensus on how long the introduction should be. Some people manage to disclose the main idea with a few sentences, others need a couple of paragraphs. At the same time, readers cannot concentrate for a long time. They are very impatient, and they want to quickly reach the heart of the article.
  • The importance of addressing directly to the reader. Want to establish a strong connection with your reader from the very first lines? Use "You" address at least several times. This pronoun carries a very powerful message. It tells the reader that you are writing your text, thinking about his/her needs.

Check examples of a strong introduction and you will 100% succeed!



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